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What we are doing

We talk to entrepreneurs, executives and managers about their personal perspective on VIBRANT THINKING, their experiences with different approaches and their goals for the future. 

Sebastian Stricker

CEO, share

"Strong identification with what I do is central to my daily work.  " 

- Sebastian Stricker

Dr. Birte Gall

Digital Leadership Expert, Co-founder, Erblotse

"Leadership should not be given to the most senior person, but to the person who has the most expertise in the given situation." 

- Dr. Birte Gall on her perspective on leadership.

Dominic Blank

Multi-Entrepreneur, POSpulse, Hyrise Academy, savvo digital summelier solutions

"Entrepreneurship is like craft, science and art at the same time.  " 

- Dominic Blank

Paul Seelhorst

CEO & Co-Founder, Fairment

"Health is not everything - but everything is nothing without health." 

- Paul Seelhorst on his very personal connection to health and what that has to
do with his business.

Ko van Belois

CMO, Perfetti Van Melle

"Organisational change is a natural process.  " 

- Ko van Belois

Sjaak Kranendonk

Retail Expert, Albert Heijn, Maxeda, SPAR

"Small but beautiful - humans are key." 

- Sjaak Kranendonk on on key elements of managing the revitalisation of SPAR

Stefan Münter

Co-CEO, Europace AG

"You can unhinge the world in the holacratic system. Anyone can make a difference as a knot in the system and electrify others.  " 

- Stefan Münter on the power of Holocracy

Retail Expert, Rituals, HEMA, Albert Heijn

"There is always something here and now which connects us to the start of the company. You can't think of strategy when you're unaware of it."  - René Repko on strategy

René Repko

Michael Durach

CEO, Develey Senf & Feinkost

"Due to the uncertainty that we have through the dynamic development of the markets, people need stability. On the one hand, this is a framework of values that does not change constantly and on the other hand a management structure that you can rely on.  " 

- Michael Durach on the importance of values

Simone Krah

President, MMM-Club

"The best manager is not someone who decides everything, but someone who creates a resonance space and is active as an enabler."  - Simone Krah on leadership in the present time

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