Should you wish to gain a deeper understanding of vibrant thinking or should you wish to apply the ideas of vibrant thinking to your organisation we provide several opportunities of working together.



Should you wish to familiarize yourself in more detail with the notion of vibrant thinking and its application to either Strategy, Organisational Development or Leadership we twice annually organize a two-day seminar on vibrant thinking.

The workshop is based on dynamical principles and highly interactive. You determine the agenda.

For more details on this small group event please send us an email to and we will gladly send you more details.


Workshops & Coaching

Should you be interested in furthering the ideas of vibrant thinking in your organization we will gladly contribute with workshops and coaching.


Feel free to contact either of us or send a message to to discuss your specific interests and the way in which we might be able to help you. 


Lectures & Talks

Should you wish to expose your organization or team to the ideas of vibrant thinking and the consequences for instance Strategy, Organizational Development or Leadership feel free to contact us via to provide a lecture or talk.

Our lectures and talks provide depth on the subject and are highly interactive.