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It is time for
radical change.

Platform for vibrant thinking.


The vision

For the longest time our perspective on organisations has drawn upon scientific ideas that go back to the early years of the Enlightment.  Ideas that are static in nature leading to a very mechanistic perspective  on organisations. Organisations as a clock work: malleable, controllable and predictable. But our current complex environment calls for a change of perspective.
A perspective that addresses the dynamic, the evolutionary and the human dimensions of organisations. Drawing on fundamental research in Physics, Biology and Complexity Theory we believe in a different approach to organisational development, strategy and leadership. We like to call it vibrant thinking, creating vibrant organisations

The platform

This is a platform we have created to share ideas and thoughts on different aspects of what we call vibrant thinking. We have started this initiative because we honestly believe that organisations are so much richer and so much more fulfilling when you approach them from a dynamical perspective. 

On this platform you will find articles and interviews that describe a new approach to management and organisations and how this new perspective changes the way we look at Strategy, Organisational Development and Leadership.

Should you feel stimulated and challenged by the material we gladly invite you to contribute articles, interviews or whatever suits you best. Feel free to contact us for other forms of interaction such as workshops, panel discussion or speeches.

Recent Thoughts

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